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This is the Captain’s log, containing a tale of teamwork, failure, and success. Along the way, we as a team faced unforeseen challenges. So we had to learn how to navigate this ocean of uncertainty on our own. It not only made us stronger but a more efficient crew. So grab a cup of coffee and come with us on a journey to making a Product we have all come to love.

Chapter One: The Proposal from Hell

This was the time before the pandemic. I was sitting in the office doing regular work. I remember the cup of coffee (now I‘m a green tea man)…

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A strange debate

Twenty years ago, a team of engineers was working on a project. Where they were automating the systems of the food industry.

Their goal was to maintain food temperature in the factory in freezers in open areas on assembly lines everywhere from start to end.
They deployed their sensors and controllers and connected the Air-Conditioners and Storage freezer with those controllers.
In case of any nasty temperature, controllers immediately adjust the relevant air conditioners and freezers.
This system was interconnected and spanned across many buildings. …

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Why loopback (in pirates style)?

Maybe you are a small tech startup and a big opportunity is waiting for you. Investment, show display public presentation etc. Maybe you are a designer or front end developers who is really skilled building fronted and want to get some back-end thing running. Maybe you are an other person who love on-code thing. Or many be you are a real pirate!!!

What is loopback?

Loopback is a back end development tool with which you can make your REST-API running without writing code! without writing code? Yeah! this is the pirates way! Here are two ways of two version of loopback currently. loopback…

Zeeshan Iqbal

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